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Hello Cupcake, September Gnome of the Month 2021, By Barb Sackel


Hello Cupcake, 16 x 21, September Gnome of the Month 2021, designed by Barb Sackel.  Size is approximate.
Wonderful Textured Wools to use. . .Green Thumb, Geo Red, Teaberry, Golden Way, Lavender Craze, Mystical Plaid, Soft and Subtle and Cloud Cover!

Great Dyed Wools to use. . .Garden Blossom, Mother of Pearl, Nantucket, Vintage Paisley Red and Amethyst.

Try embellishments such as Artic Rays Wispy Fringe or Burly Spun Yarn in your pattern–use 2 Burly Spun yarns and create the beading around cupcake or have fun with the cake top.  See our colors available in “tools of the trade” section on our site. We have many options.

Please email with any questions!  We are happy to help with your specific needs, so you can create your own masterpiece.