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Hand Dyed Wool, No.11 Imari Gold #2, The Twelve Imari Dyed Wools



The Twelve Imari Dyed Wools.   Hand Dyed Wool, number eleven of the Twleve IMARI Dyed Wools, Gold #2

Listed by Number, created by Joan Moshimer’s Studio (Half Yard each)

For the first time ever, the Twelve IMARI Dyed Wools that were created by Joan Moshimer to use in her rugs to re-create the look of orientals, fruit, scrolls, paisleys, landscapes and so much more, are now available at W. Cushing & Co.

Check out the other colors, pictured below are an example of a few.  It has been a pleasure to create these awesome wools for you.

The Twelve IMARI Dyed Wools are:

1. IMARI Red 2
2. IMARI Jade Green
3. IMARI Gold 1
4. IMARI Gray
5. IMARI Rose-Taupe
6. IMARI Brown
7. IMARI Violet
8. IMARI Chinese Green
9. IMARI Blue 2
10. IMARI Blue 1
11. IMARI Gold 2
12. IMARI Red 1


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