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Primitive Acid Dye Starter Kit


“Dyer’s Delight” Day

The PRIMITIVE Starter Dye Kit, W. Cushing & Co “Perfection” Acid Dye PRIMITIVE Starter Kit with 24 acid dye envelopes and general dye instructions in a neat, snap shut container!

“Primitive” Acid Dye Starter Kit

Includes 24 “Perfection” Acid Dyes

Black                                        Khaki
Blue                                          Mahogany
Bright Purple                         Medium Brown
Bronze                                     Mummy Brown
Bronze Green                         Old gold
Buttercup Yellow                  Olive Green
Chartreuse                             Plum
Dark Brown                           Seal Brown
Dark Green                            Silver Gray
Egyptian Red                        Terra Cotta
Gold                                        Turkey Red
Golden Brown                      Wood Rose

PLUS: Instructions on how to use W. Cushing “Perfection” Acid Dyes

For many years Cushing’s Perfection Dye was a “union” type dye, designed to be suitable for a variety of plant, animal and synthetic fibers. In response to the changing availability of raw materials and to increase the effectiveness and ease of use of our dyes, we reformulated them into two types, acid and direct.

Acid dyes are suitable for wool, mohair, and nylon. Direct dyes are the better choice for cottons and cellulose materials, plus linen and rayon. Silk dyes best with one type or the other, depending on the particular characteristics of the silk.

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