Joan Moshimer's Rugs

Joan Moshimer designed more than four hundred rugs in her lifetime, and hooked dozens of them. We have begun photographing the rugs she designed and hooked, and would like to feature some of them here. All of these patterns are available, and we can create custom kits to match her color choices for many of her rugs.

1. "Aurora Rose" This rug was designed and hooked by Joan in six weeks in the spring of 1980. She was looking for a rug to bring to The Ontario Hooking Craft Guild, where she was to lecture. The theme of the show was "Florals", and Joan was inspired by the paintings of Georgia O'Keefe. The rug is pattern M377, and it is 47" in diameter.

Aurora Rose Photo

2. "Aurora Pansies" A later, smaller floral rug of Pansies instead of Roses, in a similar style and featuring, as well, Joan's signature hand dyed color graduated strips. The pattern is M425, and the rug is 36" in diameter.

Aurora Pansies Photo      Detail Photo

3. "Cumberland Crewel" This rug was one of Joan's earliest designs. She designed the rug for the dining room of her home in Portland. It was never completed, as she and her family moved to Kennebunkport in 1968, and the rug did not fit the new dining room. The rug is pattern M43, and it is 102" by 127".

Cumberland Crewel Photo    Detail Photo

4. "Persian Blue" This rug pillow was featured in Joan's book "Hooked On Cats", published in 2003. The cat belonged to her granddaughter, LC. The book includes complete instructions for dip-dyeing the graduated strips featured in the cat's face. The rug is pattern MP252, and it is 26" square.

Persian Blue Photo

5. "Stubb's Dogs" Joan loved hooking animals, and this rug, like others, showcases her ability to achieve subtle shades and lifelike textures. The design is based on the work of George Stubbs, the celebrated English animal Artist. The pattern is M418, and the rug is 22 1/2" by 50".

Stubb's Dogs Photo

6. "Golden Fruits" Joan designed and hooked a number of traditional half-round rugs, this one having elements of the classic cornucopia. The pattern is M51 and it is 25" by 41".

Golden Fruits Photo

7. "The Big Apple" A much later half-round rug, Joan focused on apples only. as fruit and flower. The rug is pattern M392, and it is 25" by 42".

Big Apple Photo

8. "Harvah Oriental" Joan returned to this classic rug theme a number of times, showing her mastery of traditional oriental colors. The pattern is M421, and the rug is 21" by 47".

Harvah Oriental Photo

9. "Two Lions" Joan returned to animal rugs time and again. They allowed her to demonstrate her sense of composition, color, shade and texture to the fullest. This large (48" by 58") was never a pattern, the design was modified as she hooked. Sadly, she never completed a second similar large rug featuring a lion and cub.

Two Lions Photo

10 . "Priscilla Primitive" This rug was designed by Ruth Hall, one of Joan's old friends, and hooked by Joan. The rug is pattern H102, and it is 32" by 58".

Priscilla Primitive Photo

11. "Arundel Crewel" This smaller crewel rug has a similar tree element to the corners of "Cumberland Crewel", hooked in a simpler style. The pattern is M150, and the rug is 25" by 38".

Arundel Crewel Photo



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